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Structural Adhesives

Structural Hybrid MMA technology for the permanent and structural bonding of metals, plastics and composites with little to no surface treatment or requirements for primers. Varying grades of cure speed, strength and temperature resistance compliment the range.

Low Surface Energy

Our new adhesive formulation advancements enable our adhesives to bond to low surface energy materials without any surface preparation. This is due to the formulation’s ability to adjust to a lower surface energy, giving superior structural strength.

Thread Locks

Anaerobic Thread Lockers lock threaded connections against loosening caused by vibration, mechanical or thermal shock. Resistant to many chemicals and available in many grades of locking strength, cure speeds and temperature resistance.

Thread sealants

Anaerobic Thread Sealers not only seal but lock threaded connections against leakage of air, gas, water, oils and many chemicals. Available in many grades of locking/sealing strength, cure speeds and temperature resistance.


Anaerobic Liquid Gasketing for sealing flanges on pumps, gearboxes etc. replaces pre-formed gaskets, allowing 100% seal between the mating flanges. Resistant to vibration, heat, oil, and other industrial fluids. Available in many grades of strength, cure speed and temperature resistance.


Anaerobic Retainers to fit bushes, bearings, sleeves pulleys, gears and other cylindrical components. Prevent vibration loosening, distortion and fretting corrosion Resistant to many chemicals. Available in many grades of locking/sealing strength, cure speeds and temperature resistance.


Cyanoacrylates are an instant bonding adhesive for bonding plastics, metals, rubbers, ceramics. Structural bonds are generally formed in a few seconds, temperature resistance up to +80⁰ and up to +180⁰C on new formulations.


Epoxies are 2 part high strength, structural bonding adhesives for bonding metals, plastics, ceramics, etc. varying cure speed and strengths are available from 5 minute cure to several hours.

Dispensing Systems

Adhesive dispensing systems for the accurate and repeatable dispensing of adhesives from manual controlled to semi-automatic and PLC controlled automatic dispensers.


Varying activator systems to work in conjunction with the varying chemistries of adhesives. Used to speed the cure of the adhesive where low temperature, inactive or passive surfaces and large gaps are present.

Silicones and Polymers

A range of high quality, pure silicones and Hybrid polymers for bonding potting and sealing components. The range consists of single part and 2 part silicones and hybrid polymers with varying cure speeds and strengths.

UV Bonding

UV light curing adhesives for bonding glass, crystal, metals and plastics. UV adhesives cure in seconds when exposed to UV light and visible light. Varying grades available with varying viscosities and speeds of cure.

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