PP3000 bonding of motorbike mudguard assembly

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PP3000 bonding of motorbike mudguard assembly

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We were tasked with bonding this difficult to bond material, high talc filled Polypropylene, from an existing customer for the manufacture and assembly of 2 separate mouldings of a motorbike mud guard assembly.

The initial production application was for a plastic welding solution to assemble the components however this was not proving successful in the strength of the components and the aesthetic appearance of the components. These mudguards are fitted to motor bikes which are used in areas all over the world and have to withstand all the vibrations from the bike during ride but also attached to the front forks so have to cope with varying extremes of temperature together with the arduous application in use. The welded assemblies were failing so an alternative joining solution was required.

PP3000 was submitted to the customer to trial and proved immediately to be successful in that the bond strength was greater than the welded components and indeed proved to be stronger than the talc filled PP itself with substrate failure apparent of the bonded assemblies. In addition to the strength improvements the aesthetic appearance of the components was evident with smoother joint lines and better looking components.

PP3000 was introduced by this customer as their preferred application solution and adopted by the customer’s production process, again proving Advanced Adhesive to be a solutions provider to our existing and new customers.

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PP3000 Bonding Instrument Panels for UK vehicle manufacturers.