PP3000 Bonding Instrument Panels for UK vehicle manufacturers.

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PP3000 Bonding Instrument Panels for UK vehicle manufacturers.

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2 UK Automotive manufacturers contacted us and we were tasked with working with them for bonding an innovative Polypropylene Instrument Panel, or dashboard.

The solution requirement for an adhesive to permanently bond components of a LGF PP Instrument Panel together, without any surface treatment, resist temperatures in excess of 95⁰C and achieve structural joint capability with the capability of the adhesive passing automotive emissions testing due to interior use. Advanced Adhesives were invited to submit our PP3000 adhesive for testing, initial tests being carried out with our in-house Tensometer and lab facilities and the PP3000 proved to have excellent bond strength giving substrate failure to all components tested. As such PP3000 was proposed as a product solution to these 2 manufacturers and in all subsequent testing the PP3000 proved to have substrate failure throughout, even without any surface treatments. PP3000 was tested not only for strength and longevity of bond, via ageing tests, but was also tested for emissions and again passed with flying colours.

Simple application of the PP3000 was achieved initially with the use of pneumatic hand held bi-mixer guns to dispense the pre-mixed adhesive direct to the components. As production of the vehicle increased they scaled up the application process and the adhesive was dispensed via a bespoke robot dispensing system with the bead of adhesive being dispensed quickly and accurately.

Water Spray Gun

PP3000 bonding of motorbike mudguard assembly