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This Italian customer contacted us and we were tasked with solving the below application of permanently bonding a low surface energy material, Polypropylene, the body of a spray gun to a Polypropylene spout assembly together with & nickel coated nut bonding into the Polypropylene body.

“We needed a solution to permanently bond our universal spray gun assemblies together.  We have an issue to permanently bond PP and resisting the 15 bar pressure, together with resisting the pressurised water/air within with no deterioration of the adhesive.  The adhesive has to operate in very cold climates, sometimes -30Oc with the water freezing and we need the joint not fail.  Assembly time is important as other adhesives trialled, cyanoacrylates, were too instant but also did not resist water and the cold temperatures well so ended up failing.”

“We found Advanced Adhesives and were immediately put at ease that an adhesive solution could be achieved which matched our requirement.  Graham Crozier requested we send him some components which he would test bond with their adhesives and informed us he would provide a solution, he was true to his word.”

On receipt of the component, assessment of requirements and the component parts themselves, we established that one adhesive shone out from our range of products which would bond the components as required but also cope with the arduous low temperature application the adhesive had to survive in, our PP3000. Graham Crozier explained – we selected the PP3000 adhesive as this adhesive was specifically developed for bonding PP along with other dissimilar substrates.  The PP3000 we knew would cope with bonding permanently the difficult to bond PP together with the nickel coated nut, but also cope with the environmental factors & not be broken down by the pressurised water within the components

Tests were duly carried out in house and with the customer and the results looked and performed incredibly well. Consequently the use of our PP3000 was adopted by the customer.

Simple easy application was achieved with the use of hand held bi-mixer guns to dispense the pre-mixed adhesive direct to the components.  The 4-6 minute open time gave plenty of time for the operators to apply and assemble the components before the adhesive cured.

Benefits to customers:-

  • Reliability of adhesive system used giving reliability of customer’s product in its working environment.
  • Long term reliability.
  • Cost effective.
  • Manufacturing process efficiency.

It’s refreshing to have a happy customer but rewarding to know we were able to share our knowledge and cure this production issue with our customer.

PP3000 Bonding Instrument Panels for UK vehicle manufacturers.

PP3000 bonding of motorbike mudguard assembly