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Advanced Adhesives was founded in 1996. From a humble start up, it has grown into a thriving company which has grown 20% year on year for the last 8 years. This has allowed the business to make the necessary investments in buildings, staff and equipment to “right size” the business for the business which it will become over the next five years and beyond.

We are a medium size company with very large aspirations. We have expert adhesives, advice and testing facilities to rival the big boys. Our size allows a higher degree of flexibility, offering you shorter lead times, better communication, and an ability to rapidly develop solid solutions, no matter the order quantity.

We have achieved this rapid growth by significant reinvestment in automation, which has helped us to reduce costs for end users. The in house testing facilities ensure stronger and safer products, and we recently moved to a 1000Sqm facility to keep up with increasing demand, building a brand new production facility in the process.

We pride ourselves on meeting customer needs and have delivered 99.4% of orders on time in the last 5 years. We constantly pursue innovation and have seen great success in many sectors with our new low energy bonder (PP3000). Solving what once was a notoriously hard problem for designers and engineers alike, allowing them to use cheaper, more readily available materials and making them more profitable in the process.

We are a British owned and operated adhesive company and export worldwide. We hope to build partnerships with our customers and bonds beyond business.

The people who have trusted us so far

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We’ve glued everything from rubber ducks to luxury cars,
there’s not much we haven’t stuck together and we’ll have the adhesive solution for you